Pseudo Hearts

November 13, 2017


Danced in a crowd of pseudo hearts

Free from their eyes but, still, all eyes glared

Danced in heels of Blood red

With lips stained with libations of ghosts

Danced with white cloth swirling in winds of grace

heart aching

Didn't care

Didn't care

With Passionate moves I swayed

Music refined but exposed in jeopardy

Was wanting one in this sea to dance with me

I'm still dancing

Dance me on and on

"Please, will you promenade with me?"

Till the end of hope and dreams

Till the end

Danced I did, dancing still

All the fake hearts stared

Their feet stuck in muddled fear

Denying their sickness

But if they dared to gander their souls would heal

But I will never stop this rebellious careen

Heart aching

I don't care

I don't care

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