March 22, 2017

My easel comes to a rest tonight

With Love to make the Dance

Each stroke I places brings pain about

Get through it I will

True Love I always have

Once more I wish the pain would stop

Putting Red on Red 

I erupt

Oh the tears that droop and fall too clean

I tried to stay still but the road is calling me

My broken heart will never be forgot

Oh the anguish caused

Did he hear my cries?

Suffering and Strength

Cried them in front of him and the abuse he still craved

It didn't stop

Would he change now?

He never will

I gave him suffering and chances

But still....

The sand he gave me I was his rock

He loved to break me down no longer a strong block

Even breaking  me down my strength caved, little did he notice

Blamed just the same

Abuse forlorn but mixed with refrain

I'm a woman that sees the child within

He cries deep to what might have been if he kept his word

But broken they were from the serpent's tongue

He was never a king but a joker at best

Testify I will against lies of him

Courage I have

Because to be true and never live false

It's the next woman I'm protecting

Oh I pray she can survive




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