In the Wind that Blew Me Away

March 22, 2017

In the Wind that Blew Me Away

I've been running on that open road

Singing hope sometimes feels so old

Don't break me down

Because I've been traveling too hard

Going so long with only strokes of my Art

I hear the wind in my hair 

Still blowing me on


Tired of feeling crazy and torn

Hear the words on that cold winter breeze,

"Let my blow you to Peace."

Trouble still there

War in my mind

I conquer all stroke by stroke on a new white

Blow me until I see stars in the sky

Winter Breeze turn into Spring

Blow my feet until I stand still

Blow me to create the dream of solace, not despair

I am one who believes that Wind will make you stronger

Your next love on the horizon is there

In that wind 

That  blew me Away



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