Oh the Pooka Lied

February 28, 2017

Oh the Pooka lied...

His dark mane and yellow eyes

Oh the Pooka lied...

I ran to be safe just started to drive

Running on borrowed time

Thunder Rolling in the midst of an electric storm

The sky was cracking

I didn't care

The Pooka was behind me

His madness Sick

Galloping attempting to entice

Chasing his prey


But I would not longer be snarled

Dark blue, purple charcoal, white flashing in the sky.

Rain scolding.

Engine on and on I fled

Drive Drive drive until exhaustion sweeps


To a new life

"Dream," I said to myself

"Strength in the Thunder

The Lightning will guide my way"

"Please! to a new life," I prayed

Oh the Pooka lied....

He promised all but in the end only tragedy fell

Under hooves he beat me senseless but no longer could I take it

He can play with cards but I will play with courage

Flush him Straight

Audicity in heroism the Pooka can't take

Bravery fortified by overcoming his games


Seconds became Minutes

Minutes became Hours

The storm I braved

Becoming one with its lashes

It flogged the Pooka and made sure he did not pass


The devil's yellow eyes in the rear-view mirror

Slowly subside

With that my heart felt relief and the heavens refrained

Drizzling the Twilight came

Stars bursted one, two, three

Sparkling in their basket of ebony

Oh the Pooka lied but couldn't overcome the truth

He never stopped my dreamer's heart

He was engulfed by the dark and I brought through with the wind


Oh  the Pooka lied.....

But I will always defy that devil with yellow eyes

I will always see every form he takes and be there in the quake


Strength in the Thunder

The Lightning will guide my way




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