Love in Waking

January 25, 2017

A faint sigh escaped her rouge lips.

Under her breath she proclaimed, "I've fallen again and this time I'm enjoying it. He is real love. No mask, no fear, no hurt. 

Terrified but humbled her heart elegantly raced, in a way that made could make her enemies rage. 

She was walking into town, briskly, trying not to run and trying to hide her smile. She couldn't wait. 

The snow started to fall. She didn't care. The kisses of cold hit her cheek and melted, dissolved into her pearl skin. 

She let joy enter her heart and it started racing more. 

She thought, "Kisses of cold I have endured and I put them on the shelf, locked the cupboard and moved away. Now to await a kiss of warmth. His lips upon mine and no longer to be hurt."

Her blonde hair bounced. Her baby bangs whistled. A contradiction to the oncoming storm she was tonight. She was crazy-beautiful and the man she was meeting loved that about her. He craved that about her. 

The walk seemed an eternity but later that night, after dinner, after the wine, after the tears, and after the blissful intimacy.

He held her and she held him.

"Wonderful," she laughed!

"God you are so wonderful!" he softly sang in her ear.

She wrapped her legs around his beautiful body, cupped his hair and sighed. Not a tired sigh but that sigh that comes only a few times in a life time.

The sigh where you were about to kill yourself the night before but realized that you would find your true love the next day.

The sigh where you were drowning and then finally reached the surface. The air filling your chest and that wild pang of hurt that filled your lungs, and it hurt so good because it was LIFE entering you once more.

The sigh of two parents who have comfort that they would pass away before their children.

The sigh of AWE when you experience Uncontrollable Beauty.

The sigh of entwined lovers who had to wait so long to finally be together and together they are. 

She never told him of the painful past. It was behind her. 

When she woke that night screaming he would just grab her again and say,

"God you are wonderful," and place his lips on her head. 

If the angels could tell us of their love all they would reply would be a hushed and silent,




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