Waltz in the Woods

January 22, 2017

"WALTZ in the Woods"

a poem by Kristi Thoreson 


In Everglades dark green a promenade was in due. 

Ladies in fine gold garments danced in the stew of wet morning rays. 

Barefoot and laughing they had such glee. 

Step and stepping their cloth waving in cool breeze. 

They moved so lithely through this heavenly air, humming so softly and arms in the air;

Twisting and dancing, without a care

Then upon a grove they did not expect; Abruptly stopped and froze.

Before them a clan of bears. 

Crimson fur they had and pearls gnarling

The king of beasts roared, "Why did you come in our home? We shall devour you for your happiness and laughter you enfold."

All the women backed away except for one. 

The Mother of them all standing tall to meet the crown. 

"My kindest sir we did not know. We only bring light and a power to show."

With those words the gorgeous ma'am picked up her dress and started to prance, bound, and frolic around. 

The beasts were startled by this act of grace. 

Their jaws clamped tight started to break. 

Their once, steel eyes began to shimmer and Slowly but surely they began to sway. 

Their gigantic bodies lifted and upon two paws they never thought this possible to move this way in the woods. 

Within the minutes, which seemed hours to the heart 

Two groups were moving, breathing, and souls sparked. 

Beauties of Gold and Beasts of Red flew in a way that the Gods would recommend. 

For a waltz is so much better and we must take the Mothers advice

Dance instead of stupor when you meet the Beasts of might. 



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