Kissing and Two Beautiful Strangers

January 19, 2017

She was alone. Pissed off, but just got done conversing with some friends at the unveiling of her art mural opening in a fantastic new bar. He didn't come with her. The man she was seeing refused to support her that night. She was done with this crazy man, capital

D-O-N-E! Her stomach was twisting with dread. She was almost ill and disoriented thinking about him. She felt lost. She was still recovering from an abusive ex, and she knew it, but was pretending that she was okay and tonight was the night of total escape. She wanted to leave but she wanted the night and didn't want to go home. She decided to leave and explore.

She wanted to get rid of her passionate and unwanted anger. Tonight was her night of being free and being beautifully alone. 

She found herself at one of my favorite bars and found a stool. It was hopping. Full of the young professionals and the community. Pool balls were clicking, music blazing, and laughter and conversation was exploding. She was happy, dressed to the "T," and chatting with the bartender who had recently become a new friend of hers. 

She placed another order for that Red Viennesse beer she loved. Her thoughts wandered as she got situated to her excited ambience.

She thought, "This one is off. I can tell. Fuck my heart for wanting to help him. Have I not learned my lesson from the first Jack Ass? I doubt anything he says is true? He's being followed? I doubt it? Fake accent? Why won't he just leave when I try to kick him OUT? Me and my heart, GOD!" 

She caught herself and said to herself, "Not tonight, honey. Not tonight. Look around you. Be in the present."

Her bartender friend (lets call him Simon) placed the beer in front. It was overflowing with red bubbles fizzing to the surface.

"Heaven," she thought. 

He grinned at her, "Good to see you again beautiful." 

She looked up returning the flirtatious smile. The smile you have when you have a secret that no one else knows. 

Simon teased her then, "Ha Gorgeous. It seems you do not want the attention you are getting tonight?" She looked up in the direction Simon was focused and saw a group of about 10 gentlemen staring her way. He laughed because she was a relief from the usual drunken crowd. Simon chuckled under his breath, "I have your back and watch out for the young lawyer. I know him. Good guy and he is coming your way; oh, and...." his voice lowered as he cupped her ear. 

"This attractive blonde who just sat down next to you. He's been eyeing you. He's alone, like you, and I have never seen him. Be careful."

She cupped his ear and whispered, "Thank you, I felt him. Not a bad feeling. Now, get to Work and Watch This!"

Simon smirked and said aloud, "No one like you honey."

She rolled her eyes and smiled, and just louder than a whisper for only Simon and the blonde to hear she sang, "He's young. What have I done?! Just a little kiss? Why do I play?"

Simon tried to hide laughter and bustled away but kept a keen eye. The attractive blonde looked up and around his attention peeked and then went back to staring in front of him with all intensive gravity. 

The young lawyer stumbled up. He was a looker. Good body and well-dressed in a button-down blue with well fit jeans. He had dark brown eyes and jet-black hair cut short at the sides with the curls let loose at top. This young man of study was laughing, jesting, and spilling his whiskey a bit. His friends were hollering at him as he approached. He put his whiskey down next to her and leaned on the bar.

"Hello, darling. How are you?" he jested in nervous confidence. She looked over her shoulder. His friends had quieted down and were looking intently. The young lawyer obviously had a dare. She laughed a quiet laugh but it was deep and full of joy because she was in control of whether this handsome gent would go back a joker or a champion. She grinned that sly secretive grin because this man was on her string a string that unfortunately she had been on the end of as of late and had been choked to death by it.

Time to Tease.

She pivoted around, beer in hand, crossed her legs and put her back towards the bar. A casual slouch, her long legs in her black mini-skirt showing her off.

She looked him in his brown eyes and asked, "What can I do for you sir?"

"Um, ummm.....," he stammered. "I, uh, just wanted to ask for one of your kisses?"

"Oh God, honey. You are young but cute," she replied.

He probably was just a bit younger than her but she had been aged a bit lately. Tonight, though, tonight she was in the moment and it FELT SO GOOD.

To her left side the blonde glared straight forward, not beer, just a blank face with laughter and happiness all around him. She felt his energy. It was stale, off, and fidgety but composed. 

She let that distraction slide and went back to the young lawyer. She leaned in close and could smell his musky cologne along with his alcoholic breath. She whispered, "I'll do you a favor. Kiss me on the cheek and leave, I like being out but want to be a fly on the wall." She was starting to hurt and her heart was gripping in her chest. Ever since her trauma she didn't like it when men got too close but at the same time she craved it.

"Anything darling," the handsome gent grinned. He grabbed her long hair and held the back of her neck.

She breathed fear. "Not the neck," she thought. "Fuck!" Her pain and her thoughts flashed back to that awful night. Her throat choked. PTSD is a real treat. Her whole body tightened and cramped. Then his lips pressed on her cheekbone with a bounty of affection and respect. He was a gentleman and stranger but was good. She felt the good from him. Her body relaxed and she found herself lost in the few seconds their skin touched.

His friends ROARED. She was rushed back to reality. They both started laughing. In that rare moment she felt safe.

"Shall we give them something to talk about?" she said to the beautiful stranger.

He broke down her wall with a simple gesture and now she craved to kiss like she kissed a love of old when they first met. The kiss without fear. Innocence, like she once had. She put down her beer, grabbed his black curls and.....

I do believe the whole bar was jealous. Simon was giggling under his breath trying to pay attention to serving drinks.

The two strangers just smirked at each other. I do believe he was sobered up a bit. Knowing a kiss was all that was needed to sustain them.

"Bye, honey." she with fondness said.



She turned back around and sighed and took three big swallows of her beer, finishing it up. 

Simon landed another Vienesse in front of her.

"Your young lawyer offered you any drinks you like."

"I'll take it," she laughed and started relaxing and feeling free, calm, and joyful.

She looked to the blonde. Still no beer in front of him and, still, looking as if no emotion could penetrate him. She stared at him confused.

"Honey, you need to relax. Let me order you a drink."

Irritated, hastily, and with a slight turn of lips her replied, "No, thank you. I don't drink."

"Well, tonight you are!" she said seriously.

"Simon, one more order of Vienesse, please, for my friend here."

Simon was more that happy to put a drink in front of him. He was taking up space in a crowded bar and not drinking or adding to the atmosphere. 

With a beer now in front of him he sighed and took a few gulps. She tried to make small talk but this man was not having it. She wanted to invite him into the celebrations of the room but, besides, a nod, or a forced smile it was a lost cause. Besides, he was totally her type and she wanted more kisses. Not happening and a woman knows when she can't win. She hid her anxiety from the blonde on her left. She didn't want to show him he was making her uneasy. The beer felt good entering her now tense body. Small talk and teasing this attractive blonde  was not going far. He was pissed off at her and she was making him drink and talk. Half-amused and half-panicky.

"Well, honey. My drink is almost gone and yours is still almost full. I think I will take myself elsewhere. Tonight is still alive and I needed a night off.  Pleasure conversing and I wish you the best," she full-heartedly proclaimed.

She was about to order another and, finally, the handsome man turned his head. His light blue eyes glared into her darker blue eyes. That sense of seriousness he had all night was now directed straight at her. Her stomach again dropped and sank to that awful sickening level. The level of instinct that you are in danger and whomever is giving that empty feeling to your pit is someone you need to get away from and fast. She no longer felt safe. The passionate kiss from before faded.  

He gazed at her, "You know they are going to hurt you, don't you?"

"What did you say," she half giggled.

"You know they are going to hurt you?" he repeated. 

"Right, okay? Simon?" she hurriedly called. As Simon approached she grabbed his hand and said loudly so everyone in earshot could hear. "My friend. I'm leaving and this man to my left needs to stay."
Simon nodded and replied, "I got you, honey," and then looking to the blonde "and you got that too right?" 

She finished her beer giving the now, angry and embarrassed blonde, a look of "Don't Fuck with me ASSHOLE." She exited, eyes staring at her on her way out. She always made them stare. She reached the brisk air, still in a crowd. She grabbed her chest and looked up and said two heart-felt words, "Thank you."

 She had a moment of safety in a beautiful stranger's kiss and although it was fleeting it happened. She would now go on a journey to have that safety prolonged. A journey she didn't ask for but had to take. Needless to say, she didn't make it home that night and soon she would have it taken from her again. 



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