Deciphering the Storms

January 18, 2017

"Deciphering the Storms"


People are as Storms

This new land I travel the storms are easy to read. The lake tells me when they are approaching. The wind blows, the waters roar, and the dissonance is reality.


My old home, the storms are different and one needs to train the eye and the senses to what lies in wake. The calm before the storm, it is called. You don't see it coming. Then the snow, the cold rumbles, the rain, the howling embarks. 


The storm unexpected by those not use to treatment of the harshest kind.


I've been trained to see this devil in waiting. 

I've been trained to love the storm and to hold fast and stop it in it's path if necessary.

To Enjoy it turmoil.

In the end, still come out thriving, breathing and alive. Stronger than ever before.

Because you either give in and be as destructive as the storm or take it and turn it into your Power.


I am both storms and my eyes have been opened to the the storms of others coming and going and calm in the cold. 

Clear are my thoughts and keen my senses.

Endure or seek shelter. 




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