January 2016, Editor's Choice

Article written by artist: Kristi Thoreson

Publish in Fibonacci Art Magazine, January 2016, Editor's Choice, pg. 121


My art is my passion and I hope that the messages they convey and inspire others to reach deep into their spirit, allowing their soul to release their intrinsic beauty.

I endeavor  to capture that beauty, the kind of beauty that is self-evident, independent of external factors, and embodies the truth or essence that resides in all of us.

For me, beauty is like a kiss from someone that stole your heart, a soft whisper from the wind as the snow falls on your hot cheeks, heartache that causes your chest to literally throb with pain, or like a glass of wine that warms every inch of your worn body.

I infuse paint with emotions, harnessing, then releasing, the creative spirit as a powerful reminder to others of how much art influences our lives for the better.

I paint life and my inspirations as they unfold into chasms of unexplainable humanism and, therefore, influence the viewer to the point of awe, love, disgust, calmness, inquisitiveness, and even tears. Art is a language all its own. I try to speak it through raw color, deep emotion, wrenching pain, true love, harsh-dark lines, and hopeful memory.

Who is Ms. Sassy Blonde? Well she is a character. Usually, I want the viewers to make a decision themselves how or why they are riveted in my artworks. This time, I’ll make an exception.

Sassy Blonde was my first piece that just flowed from my heart to my fingers to the canvas. I was in my third year of art school and frustrated by not being able to communicate the images in my spirit to the blank cave of white gesso. With Sassy Blonde, I decided to become her and not give a “Fuck” (excuse the French.) Once I just let myself be she became alive on canvas. Allowing the spirit to flow from me through the paint gave inspiration the freedom to awaken and come alive. From that time on I became a professional. As I began to sell my work and develop my portfolio, clients appeared.

Then, one day, sadness overshadowed my Sassy Blonde spirit. I fell in love and was betrayed. My artist’s soul beats with the essence of a Lion’s heart. I fought for it, I hunted, and I clawed to defend myself. I longed and yearned for nostalgia. Despite my efforts to keep it, my mate kept consuming me and I was betrayed. As I lay beaten and bruised in the jungle, Ms. Sass came back. That strong, sassy spirit returned. With this strength, I rose up and roared; I am done! My latest piece, Heart Exposed, captures that feeling.

Here I am vulnerable, raw, and alive with purpose.

Recently I donated a Giclee print of Sassy Blonde to the Domestic Violence Coalition of Utah as a visual reminder for the women to keep their brazen boldness of spirit alive.

I paint what I feel. I paint life. Through my paintings I am that emotional conduit between spirit and observer.

Why I am an artist? My being needs to release a burden so powerful and beautiful that I can’t function until I let my lioness out. I want to offer up new eyes, elevate viewpoints adn to pose the question: What is Beauty?

Be Ms. Sassy Blonde...Always.

Embracing my inner lioness spirit continues to propel my career UP! Because I was featured on Fox 13’s “The Place” last summer. I have leads to exhibit in Salt Lake City and Park City. and San Francisco. My art can also be found at the Marco Polo Gallery in the Cliff Lodge at the Snowbird Ski Resort. You can follow me and upcoming news on my website at

    With Love, Kristi


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