February 28, 2017

Oh the Pooka lied...

His dark mane and yellow eyes

Oh the Pooka lied...

I ran to be safe just started to drive

Running on borrowed time

Thunder Rolling in the midst of an electric storm

The sky was cracking

I didn't care

The Pooka was behind me

His madness Sick

Galloping attempt...

January 25, 2017

A faint sigh escaped her rouge lips.

Under her breath she proclaimed, "I've fallen again and this time I'm enjoying it. He is real love. No mask, no fear, no hurt. 

Terrified but humbled her heart elegantly raced, in a way that made could make her enemies rage. 

She was w...

January 19, 2017

She was alone. Pissed off, but just got done conversing with some friends at the unveiling of her art mural opening in a fantastic new bar. He didn't come with her. The man she was seeing refused to support her that night. She was done with this crazy man, capital...

January 18, 2017

(Story originally written August 21, 2016)

"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
A Short Story by Kristi Thoreson

When death is near be not afraid because he is a fictional character contrived from mortal brains that want to die.

1920, Chicago
She was running. Running so hard. High-...

January 18, 2017

(this short story was originally written on Sep. 27, 2016)

Let me Float.

He offered me a wish. One wish. I was exhausted, again. Riding on the Red Line from a 13 hour shift. I was a runaway. I ran because I needed to be safe, more importantly, to feel safe. My family nee...

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